The amazon rainforest is being burned down to create more land to grow soy and other crops, mainly for feeding cows and fish which we then eat. We all know the rainforest is a huge part of the important “green lung” and the home to many millions of animals and people. We choose and support businesses with our money. How can we be sure that we don’t “unknowingly” support those businesses which destroy our earth when we buy food in our local stores?

Our Solution

UNISOT is working on giving people the opportunity to trace their food, all the way back to where and how the seed was grown. So, if you want to know where and how the soy in your soy products or meat/fish was produced, then UNISOT can help. We want to encourage every restaurant and food chain to be transparent with where and how their food is being produced, so that we as consumers can decide who we support and where we choose to spend our money. 

If you know or own any business involved within the food supply chain, please tag them in this. Let them know you don’t support the burning down of a rainforest and that you want to know where you food comes from. Hold them accountable.