New partnership between Unisot and CodeIT broadens the Global Visibility horizon

The two industry leading companies UNISOT and CodeIT have entered a partnership that will broaden and strengthen both companies’ service offerings within Global Visibility and Secure Data Storage.

CodeIT eMRB® is an ingenious, highly flexible, fully scalable, cloud-based solution that automatically validates and links all fabrication and production documentation digitally. Traditionally, manufacturing documentation is compiled in large binders and stored. Searches are done manually. With CodeIT eMRB®, each certificate, report or document is stored and tracked individually, and is retrievable online instantaneously. (More information: Traceability Solutions and Services from CodeIT.)

“With the UNISOT partnership we are strengthening our eMRB® (electronic Manufacturing Record Book) service by securing the authenticity, integrity and storage of the Manufacturing Records in the public Blockchain.”Bjørnar Torsnes CEO CodeIT

UNISOT Enterprise Blockchain Platform is known for its Global Visibility, Product Provenance, Secure Data Exchange and ERP Plug-in services. The UNISOT Enterprise Blockchain Platform also provides generic secure services based on public blockchain technology as proven by the integrations with CodeIT eMRB® service.

“With the CodeIT partnership, we broaden our Global Visibility and Secure Data Exchange technology services, based on the public Blockchain, to new technical areas and new industries covered by CodeIT.”Stephan Nilsson CEO UNISOT