Integrating the World’s Systems through Bitcoin – Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 24

Coronavirus related lockdowns have had a huge impact on the global supply chain of goods and services. Bitstocks Michael Hudson talks to enterprise blockchain implementer and evangelist, Stephan Nilsson about how their Bitcoin SV-based supply chain solution can address some of these issues. He also discussed Integrating the world’s biggest ERP systems with a distributed, permissionless data layer.

Stephan Nilsson is the co-founder and CEO of Norwegian enterprise blockchain provider, UNISOT (Universal Source of Truth) – a supply chain solution provider for enterprises that solves the top 10 problems in their industry by using Bitcoin SV as infrastructure.

Bitstocks has turned their attention to provide a more holistic and far-reaching solution: Gravity, a connected ecosystem of everyday financial products and services, backed by the power and scale of Bitcoin SV (the Original Bitcoin) that will play a role in enabling sovereignty, and eventually in the evolution of human sustainability.


UNISOT is a revolutionary enterprise blockchain service provider built on over 20 years’ experience in enterprise business integrations, aiming to change the future of global Supply Chains.
It emerges from the well established business processes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems – such as SAP S/4 HANA, MS Dynamics 365, M3, Oracle, Salesforce, Sage X3 and  IFS.

We enable enterprises of all sizes and all industries to leverage P2P blockchain benefits from within their current systems, making the instant product traceability during its product lifecycle secure and affordable.