is an online payment system.

The payment system aims to make it easy to receive payments via the Bitcoin sv network.

To get started with MoneyButton, you just need to enter a Bitcoin sv address to receive payments. Or, you can sign up for a free wallet at

The goal of MoneyButton is to offer a configurable, client-side Bitcoin sv wallet in an iframe, available to anyone over the internet. When the user makes a payment, a webhook URL is called, allowing the app to respond to the payment. This system could allow users to access content behind a paywall, for example, among other functions.

MoneyButton is free for small publishers and apps. Larger publishers and apps, meanwhile, will need to pay either a percentage fee or a monthly fee based on traffic. is always free for users making the payment, although they’ll need to pay a small blockchain fee (less than one cent) to confirm the transaction.

What’s the Point of

In a lengthy blog post explaining the motivation for launching, explained that “ads don’t work well for most publishers and they are irritating to end users.” These problems are what compelled to launch

Micropayments have been discussed since the 1990s, although no company or project has executed on making them work for a mainstream. wants to solve that problem and introduce genuine, secure micropayments to the world.

“We need something like the Facebook “like” button, but with money. The money button of the internet,” explains

Some of the core uses for include setting up a tipping system, a paywall, paid comments, or paid votes. is available through an API, allowing you to easily integrate it into your website. You don’t need to visit to make a payment. Instead, micropayments can be performed as easily as you would tap a Facebook “like” button.

Another motivation for MoneyButton was to fund good content on the internet. How many times have you read an article and thought, “Wow, that was useful”? What if every time you consumed good content on the internet, you saw a button that said, “Donate $0.10 to the author”. It’s a small sum inconsequential to many. However, it would allow good authors to be rewarded for their work while maintaining an advertising-free model.

We can see the Money Button system in place on blog posts like this one. If you scroll to the bottom of  this post, you’ll see a tipping button. You can enter a customized amount for your tip – say, $10 or more.


Ultimately, is a Bitcoin sv-powered payment platform catered to publishers looking for alternatives to advertising-based revenue models. It allows a website to accept micropayments without relying on costly credit card transactions or clunky systems like PayPal. With, accepting a microtransaction – or sending a microtransaction to your favorite website – is as easy as clicking the Money Button. (orginal text)

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