Concerns about Return of Investment (ROI)
The UNISOT Standard Module is available for free, supporting standard business processes. There is no huge investment required.

What about the legal and regulatory framework?
All information in UNISOT will be transparent where required, and all partners will be able to present evidence worthy information to regulators.

Will there be sufficient and adequate interoperability with legacy and other systems?
The UNISOT Standard Module operates in all common ERP systems and provides an Open API for any legacy or other systems.

What about privacy policies and GDPR?
UNISOT gives users and information owners full control of all their encrypted data, which can be shared, modified and/or deleted. This means it is completely GDPR compliant.

A lot of significant transformation needs to be done before implementation (practical, security, integrity)
The UNISOT Standard Module supports the standard business processes in the background, hidden from users. Employees will use current systems as usual, but with quicker responses, more accurate information and less manual work.

Can companies be sure that transactions are secure?
UNISOT uses the world’s most secure and immutable Blockchain with a proven security track record since 2009 (!).

Organization partners lack complementary IT systems
The UNISOT Standard Module and Open API is free. That makes it possible for every company and organization to join the ecosystem. The easiest way to join is by downloading a mobile app.

Difficulties to persuade the need for partners to co-invest
Since the UNISOT Standard Module is available for free the threshold is very low. As soon as partners recognize what the benefits are they will be positive to be part of this co-working network.

Will it be difficult or more work-intense to have the correct data input?
Data integrity and validation is key to all information systems and not specific to blockchain based systems. UNISOT offers AI-based data validation tools as well as big data analytics tools to support the correct data input from both humans and IoT devices.

Will it be difficult or time consuming to become part of the correct network?
As UNISOT is one open permissionless Global Business Network, everybody can join instantaneously at any time for free.

Do companies need to re-educate their staff about Blockchain?
No, UNISOT is working seamlessly in the background, there’s no need for any additional Blockchain education.