The UNISOT Web3 Supply Chain Sustainability Platform is designed from the ground up to support all industries of all sizes active in global supply chains. The base of all global supply chains are the Assets, Products or Items that are grown, extracted, or created. Then they get processed, composed or mixed, transported, stored, distributed, retailed, used and recycled. The UNISOT Web3 Supply Chain Sustainability Platform supports all these actions of a product’s life cycle.

We offer Industry Vertical Solutions on top of the UNISOT Web3 Blockchain Platform. These Industry Solutions have built-in industry specific Functionality, Standards, Templates and Integrations.

Here are some examples of industry solutions we currently offer:



SeafoodChain, powered by UNISOT, is an Industry Solution for the Global Seafood Industry. It enables datagathering, exchange and monitoring from all parts of the Seafood Supply Chain; from a single fisherman’s smartphone or from fully automatic integrated production systems on or off land – to IoT sensors, Computer Vision, ERP-Plugins, Marketplace, Business Data Analytics and Machine Learning. SeafoodChain provides tools for seafood producers to prove their Product Quality, Proof of Origin, Food Safety, Provenance, Sustainability and Recycling.

Abendum, powered by UNISOT, is an Industry Solution for the Global Accounting and Auditing Industry. Abendum offers solutions to automate and streamline accounting and auditing as well as make it more secure, auditable and transparent for authorized parties. Abendum provides tools for Triple Entry Accounting and Auditing by automated – as well as manual – digital signing of vendor invoicing and accounts payable operations by utilizing the public Blockchain as the third ledger.


Seafoodchain and Abendum are just two examples of companies that use UNISOT technologies.

Regardless the size or industry, your company can benefit from all the SaaS solutions we create.

Let’s connect and set up a time for a demo, where we can show why and how we can improve the supply chain sustainability for your company.