Today’s supply chains are getting more global and the rate of change is increasing faster and faster, therefore companies need to become more agile and adapt. This constant change creates a number of challenges for all companies along the supply chain.

Challenge: Lack of global information from your suppliers (and their suppliers) and your customers (and their customers) leads to sub-optimization of the own internal processes within the supply chain; forcing you to add extra resources such as spare parts, stock, machine time, manpower, etc. to be able to handle unforeseen changes in deliveries and demand. This results in extra costs and lower aggregated efficiency in the whole supply chain.

Our solution:
The UNISOT Enterprise Business Network and the UNISOT Collaboration Cockpit enables a 360° overview of the entire supply chain topology in real time. Companies will therefore be able to proactively react to external information, actions and issues before it will impact their own performance in the supply chain. This will reduce latency and costs considerably.

Challenge: Business processes are often enclosed into your own organisation, because it is expensive and complicated to do cross-company integrations with current systems. It is time consuming and costly to adapt today’s integrations to the constant changes in both internal and external system landscapes.

Our Solution:
UNISOT’s distributed platform interconnects business processes seamlessly across organisations via BDI (Blockchain Data Interchange). It enables automated and secure business messages like orders, deliverance, customs clearance, settlements and much more. UNISOT’s platform enables businesses to benefit from an exponential increase in both internal and global supply chain efficiency.

Challenge: Today it is expensive, insecure and often non-profitable to exchange data between companies. We only exchange the most necessary data such as Orders and Invoices. Changing our current EDI integrations to new suppliers or customers is cumbersome and costly. Buying and implementing software for secure and encrypted communication is expensive.

Our Solution:
UNISOT provides a secure enterprise platform which incentivises secure data exchange between business partners, suppliers and customers. All exchanged data is cryptographically signed, encrypted and logged in the UNISOT Enterprise Business Network. Information sharing is incentivized between business partners by micropayments, enabling companies to sell small pieces of information such as weight, temperature or location. UNISOT Enterprise Business Network also enables companies to rent data storage from the network or rent out excess data storage to the network and make a profit.

Challenge: Global manufacturing is common business practice today. However, global markets also leads to increased competition and additional legal requirements. To be successful in a global environment and to avoid jeopardizing customer relationships, customer satisfaction and profit margins, regulatory compliance manufacturers must ensure global traceability of their products. Unfortunately, ensuring traceability is hard and expensive in most of today’s systems.

Our Solution:
The UNISOT’s Digital Twin & Product DNA solutions enable real world products, assets and commodities to get a digital representation in the Blockchain; enabling both companies and consumers to track products quickly and securely, from its inception to recycling. UNISOT’s Digital Twin & Product DNA provide Digital Threads that enable unique instant product feedback during the whole product lifecycle. This enables producers to finetune their production processes to maximise efficiency.

Challenge: Today $4 Trillion is locked-up and inactive at any given time in global supply chains. Liquidity solutions are often expensive, bind up loan ability and are often not available to companies that need it the most; i.e. the smaller companies at the edge of the Supply Chain.

Our Solution:
UNISOT provides real-time international settlements and micro transactions across the global supply chain, increasing liquidity and cash flow for all partners along the chain. UNISOT’s microtransactions enable the sale and exchange of very small pieces of information such as location, size, volume, temperature, pressure, etc. for a couple of cents or a Dollar/Euro. UNISOT’s global settlement system reduces financial costs on international transactions by up to 90%.

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Challenge: Today’s consumers are getting more and more demanding and require accurate information about the products they purchase. Brand name producers face challenges from counterfeit products. Today’s centralised information systems are not capable of providing full insights of the complete supply chain.

Our Solution:
The UNISOT distributed platform provides global, cost efficient and secure product provenance by the use of immutable Digital Twins and Product DNA in the public Blockchain. Digital Twins and Product DNA provide detailed global traceability. The UNISOT Consumer App enables customers to verify a product´s Provenance, its ingredients, origin, allergens such as nuts, lactose, gluten, egg, soy, etc, if the product is organic and/or locally produced, fair trade, fair wages etc.

Challenge: Lack of accurate information from supply chain partners – both up and down the supply chain – leads to poor planning and inefficient utilisation of resources. Due to lack of information sharing, 25% of all assets in the global supply chain are unused at any given time! The need for quick reactive actions, the need to keep backup supply and the need to sell off overstock generates huge costs and loss of profit.

Our Solution:
Up to date and accurate information from all partners – up and down the complete supply chain – enables optimal planning and optimisation of company assets and stocks. UNISOT’s incentivised, secure and real time information exchange functionality, in combination with modern big data analytics in the ERP systems, secures maximum asset utilisation (factories, machines, trucks, boats, airplanes, etc), minimises backup stock keeping and minimises unplanned costs.

Challenge: The biggest problem with today’s supply chain is that the majority of business information is trapped in isolated data silos at each individual company. For many years, we have tried to solve the problem of information sharing through a variety of methods such as centralised information and trading hubs, and technical integrations such as EDI. These solutions have often been centralised, unreliable and expensive.

Our Solution:
UNISOT’s ERP Modules and Web Apps enable all supply chain partners to not only exchange real-time information about orders, productions, locations, payments, shipments, etc; our built-in micro payment functionality also incentivises partners to sell normally siloed data in micro-parts such as a temperature, a weight or a location for a couple of cents or a Dollar/Euro.

Challenge: Many companies are reaching the ceiling of internal optimisation. Outdated technologies make it harder and more expensive to increase the current efficiency and reduce marginal costs. This makes the end-to-end aggregated efficiency of the global supply chains to stay below 20%.

Our Solution:
The UNISOT Smart Contracts & Tokens platform enables legal, automated, secure and guaranteed transactions – without 3rd party involvement – and thereby enhances speed, efficiency and reduces time and cost. Smart Contract & Token issuers have full legal control and responsibility of their issued contracts and tokens in their legal jurisdiction.
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Challenge: There’s a consumer trust crisis facing both big and small companies. Only 48% of the general population in the United States trusts businesses according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, falling from 58% last year and with a general trend moving downward over the past decade. Lack of trust can manifest in many ways; customers may be less likely to complete a purchase. If they trust you less than they trust your competitors, they may choose them over you.

Our Solution:
The UNISOT system provides multiple tools for companies to provide the proof and information that modern customers require, such as Proof of Authenticity, Product History, Provenance and Transparency. UNISOT’s Digital Threads enable personal interaction and unique direct feedback from customer to producer. Our Digital Tokens enable global customer loyalty programs, and our Consumer App enables customers to get all of this information and to give feedback about the quality of products.

Challenge: Product recalls can be a major threat to businesses. It creates operational disruptions and both huge direct costs as well as indirect costs caused by the knock-on effects, mainly reputational damage. Food recalls cost companies an average of $10 million in direct costs in the US alone, according to the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). 5% of companies incurred over $100m in direct and indirect costs. The effect on consumers is possibly the most significant factor. According to Harris Interactive 15% of consumers would never buy that product again and 21% of people affected by a recall would not buy any product from the same manufacturer.

Our Solution:
UNISOT’s Digital Twin & Product DNA functionality provides Digital Threads that enable a unique possibility for producers to get products traceability through the whole product’s lifecycle. In the case of a detected bad production batch, the producer can securely and instantly alert the affected partners in the supply chain, with detailed information about exactly what packages to remove from the shelves and warehouses. This enables producers to exactly pinpoint the location of their product during its entire lifecycle and give them the tools to remove or recall products with an accurate precision.

Challenge: Today’s consumers are getting more and more conscious and aware of their ecological footprint, and they are demanding more detailed information and proof that the products they are buying are sustainable, organic, eco-friendly and that companies are fair to the workers.  

Our Solution:
The UNISOT solutions can be used to track products from the first raw product producers, the logistics, the production, distribution and all the way to the end consumer, and help prevent waste and unethical practices. Each partner in the supply chain can prove and share detailed product information, enabling customers to make sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. The UNISOT Consumer App enables customers to verify if a product is sustainable, organic and eco-friendly.