Branding with Blockchain Traceability; Derek Little from Technology Trailblazers invited Stephan Nilsson to his podcast.

Stephan is the founder and CEO of Unisot, a company that provides Supply Chain Management Solutions for Enterprises in all industries. In this interview he introduces a traceability solution he and his team launched for a Norway-based Halibut farm in 2019.

He elaborates on the problem of food safety, how his smart digital twin solution helps, and how enterprises can start building a stronger brand through Blockchain Traceability.

How edible is your food? Full Article by Derek Little –

Branding Blockchain with Traceability

UNISOT’s Digital Twin & Product DNA solutions enable real world products, assets and commodities to get a digital representation in the Blockchain; allowing companies and consumers to track & trace products quick and securely – from its inception to recycling.