Consumer trends and why fashion industries are changing their brand position

There’s been a huge shift in the way consumers demand transparency when it comes to ethical sourced and sustainable fashion. It’s fascinating to see that more people are paving the way to more openness and demanding more eco-friendly manufactured clothing. Fast and wasteful fashion is no more!

When increasingly more people are changing the way they consume and behave, the fashion industry has to advance as well. Therefore we see a shift in how production is changing back to locally produced goods, true sustainability, more focus on fairly paid workers and distributed companies.

The devastating impact on our environment

The use of toxic dyes, pesticides, the tremendous waste of natural resources, farming, harvesting, processing, manufacturing and the transportation for mass production all over the world is really having a devastating impact. The extravagant usage and waste of water that is needed for production is completely irresponsible.

UNISOT’s Asset Traceability platform can therefore be used to prove and provide honest information, that guarantees that the company is preventing waste and unethical practices, thus enabling customers to make even more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices.

Digital Product Passports

Due to the intrinsic nature of public blockchain technology supply chains will become more transparent. This brings about a whole new level of incentives for companies and how they will do business.

With public blockchain technology we can create a link between the physical object and a digital one: a smart digital twin is created. This link is used to create a Digital Product Passport to state the origin of the actual product; blocking any attempts of counterfeit or diversion. Each action in the supply chain is recorded and due to the distributed nature of public blockchain technology no stored data can be altered, destroyed or diverted. Furthermore, UNISOT’s Smart Digital Twins functionality enables full product life cycle history feedback.

All kinds of exciting technologies are slipping into fashion industry, and garment companies are progressively changing into tech companies. UNISOT applications combined with AI and IoT technologies can make a big change in how the Fashion Industry goes forward – in real time – for each node in the supply chain.

Let´s change the fashion industry together