Extra Virgin Olive Oil is often inauthentic, according to the article on Well and Good. Not only that, those mislabeled oils can cause health issues due to the unhealthy seed oils or nut oils that are added and which some people are sensitive to. The fake oils make life harder for the honest people of those Olive Brands that put so much work and dedication into producing the real stuff!

Enters UNISOT, or Universal Source of Truth, a public blockchain-based supply chain management platform that can be utilized to address counterfeit and health issues in the olive oil industry.

UNISOT enables end-to-end traceability of the entire supply chain, from the olive farms to the consumers. Each step of the production and distribution process can be recorded on the public blockchain, creating an immutable record of the product’s journey. This ensures transparency and helps identify any potential counterfeit products.

By leveraging public blockchain technology, we create unique digital identities for each batch of olive oil. We call it Smart Digital Twins; these digital identities can be linked to physical products using techniques like QR codes or NFC tags. Consumers can scan the code or tag to verify the authenticity of the product, ensuring they are purchasing genuine olive oil.

Our platform allows for the integration of various quality control measures throughout the supply chain. For example, sensor data can be recorded on the public blockchain to monitor temperature, humidity, and other factors that can affect the quality of the olive oil. Any deviations from the required conditions can be detected, and appropriate actions can be taken to maintain the product’s integrity.

The olive oil industry is subject to various regulations and standards to ensure food safety. UNISOT can help streamline compliance processes by automatically recording relevant information on the public blockchain. This includes data on origin, production methods, certifications, and test results. Authorities can easily access this data, reducing the time and effort required for compliance checks.

With UNISOT, consumers will have increased confidence in the olive oil they purchase. They can access detailed information about the product’s origin, production practices, and quality assurance measures by scanning the product’s unique identifier. This transparency fosters trust and allows consumers to make informed choices. Additionally, UNISOT can facilitate direct communication between producers and consumers, enabling feedback, product reviews, and personalized promotions.

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