Proudly presenting some of our customers at the Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai!

First up we are excited to introduce Art enRoll – How to ensure the authenticity of provenance of all artistic works by bridging the physical/digital divide worldwide.

“Galleries often lend art pieces to other galleries for exhibits, etc., and they struggle to track those orders, as it becomes nearly impossible for them to determine their location due to a lack of system in place,” Leszczynski said.

Read more about Art enRoll here or watch the presentation below:

Next up we are proudly introducing Local2LocalSustainable short food chains connecting citizens and farmers on a local, regional, national and European level.

“The UNISOT partnership that Local2Local has will help us open up this world of abundance so we can scale up and create new products based on added value and real human connections,” Frederiks revealed.

Read more about Local2Local here or watch the presentation below: