Stephan Nilsson: BSV can fix the world’s supply chains

Entrepreneur Stephan Nilsson claims that in efficiency terms 80 per cent of supply chain operations are waste. It’s “making the whole world economy stagnate,” he says. Nilsson should know because he worked in the industry before he founded his startup, UNISOT. He still works in it—except now UNISOT is offering a blockchain solution to address that inefficiency.

UNISOT will be a “communication layer” using the Bitcoin SV blockchain to record operations performed by different businesses on a unified system that they can all trust.

“We humans, we have Facebook and Twitter and all of these social media. We are sharing tons of information with each other,” he says. “Companies are not doing that—because they only have this EDI [electronic data interchange] communication, which is slow and expensive. That is what is missing in the industry.”

Stephan Nilsson’s ambitions combine success for UNISOT with a wider, more philanthropic approach: “We don’t do this just to make a ton of money and get out of it. We actually have a purpose of making the world and the supply chain better.”

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UNISOT is a revolutionary enterprise blockchain service provider built on over 20 years’ experience in enterprise business integrations, aiming to change the future of global Supply Chains.
It emerges from the well established business processes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems – such as SAP S/4 HANA, MS Dynamics 365, M3, Oracle, Salesforce, Sage X3 and  IFS.

We enable enterprises of all sizes and all industries to leverage P2P blockchain benefits from within their current systems, making the instant product traceability during its product lifecycle secure and affordable.