TAAL’s Norwegian Partner UNISOT Shows How Blockchain Improves
Food Safety and Quality

For UNISOT to grow, it will need predictable costs and a dependable partner to process the number of data transactions it will send to the blockchain. That’s where TAAL comes in. With world-leading 4GB block sizes on the BSV blockchain, TAAL has the data capacity to fulfil UNISOT’s needs. The Scandinavian company recently began speaking with some of the biggest packaging companies in the world and one of the region’s biggest retailers. Transport companies have expressed interest in partnering too.

“So much about what we are doing is about cost. If we can have an agreement with TAAL to process 10 million transactions per month and if we can get a fixed price for those 10 million transactions, then we can turn to our customers and with confidence say, ‘If you order 1 million transactions from us, we can offer you a fixed price’. In doing so, we are moving away from the fluctuations of the bitcoin price and will have a stable, predictable price that we can work with for the benefit of our customers and their customers. You can’t do professional business without that cost structure in place,”

Nilsson points out.

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