Revolutionizing Food Supply Chains:
The UNISOT Reversed Marketplace Solution

In a dynamic partnership with Amped/Local2Local, UNISOT is shaking up conventional supply chains by introducing a Reversed Marketplace solution – an innovative platform that connects consumers directly to local farmers and producers, thereby fostering sustainable Short Food Supply Chains.

Shortening the Distance Between Producers and Consumers

The Reversed Marketplace solution has the potential to drastically transform the way consumers source their food. Instead of relying on traditional retail outlets, consumers can now place direct orders and make advance payments for the products they desire. This model instigates farmers to cultivate to order, creating a supply chain that is responsive to consumer demands and beneficial to the local economy and community.

By eliminating the need for traditional distribution channels, which often impose high fees and squeeze the profit margins for producers, the UNISOT Reversed Marketplace empowers local producers to sell their products directly to consumers. This model not only reduces waste and lowers costs, but it also leads to higher quality products and enhances sustainability.

A Win-Win for Producers and Consumers

The direct-to-consumer model offers substantial benefits for local producers. By bypassing intermediaries, they can avoid the additional costs associated with distribution, marketing and other overhead expenses. This increased profitability offers financial stability for local producers, enabling them to reinvest in their businesses and refine their production practices. Consequently, consumers gain access to fresher, locally sourced food products.

Connecting local consumers with local farmers,
creating Short Food Supply Chains.

Public Blockchain Technology: The Backbone of the Reversed Marketplace

The UNISOT Reversed Marketplace is underpinned by public blockchain technology, which ensures a transparent, traceable supply chain. Consumers can trace the products they purchase back to the farm where they were grown, instilling trust and confidence in the products they consume.

Public Blockchain technology is used to secure transactions made through the platform, guaranteeing the integrity of the payment process and protecting against potential fraud. Moreover, the technology provides real-time data about the status and location of products in the supply chain, leading to more efficient distribution.

The UNISOT solutions provide the infrastructure that allows for efficient tracking and tracing of products from farmers to consumers. This secure, transparent, and decentralized solution is enhancing the reliability of the supply chain by ensuring all stakeholders have access to the same, immutable information.

The Future of Food Supply Chains

The collaboration between UNISOT and Local2Local is revolutionizing the food supply chain industry. Through the Reversed Marketplace, farmers receive the capital they need to produce, while consumers can influence what is produced based on their preferences. This direct model ensures fair prices for producers and quality products for consumers, setting a new standard for sustainability and trust in food supply chains.

With its potential for significant economic, social, and environmental impacts, the UNISOT Reversed Marketplace is paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable food system.

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