UNISOT joins The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway at the European Commission’s Early Adopters Program as the SSI technology provider.

The European Commission has launched an Early Adopter Program to support public sector institutions in EEA countries in testing out use cases on EBSI. UNISOT is piloting a triple accounting solution which relies on Self-Sovereign Identity principles. EBSI is the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, a pan European permissioned public ledger based on public standards and open governments model. UNISOT is a partner on this project and is providing the technical solution for Self-Sovereign Identity compatible with the European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (ESSIF).

The European Commission’s Early Adopter Program is an initiative comprised of EU and EEA member states eager to become pioneers in implementing EBSI use cases (Self-Sovereign Identity, Document Traceability, Diplomas and Trusted Data Sharing). In this, second wave of pilots, many European countries and organizations are onboarding onto the EBSI test platform, including The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet), which in collaboration with UNISOT is piloting a use case related to triple accounting based on the EBSIs Document Traceability and Self-Sovereign Identity use cases. This aims to ensure legal compliance in accordance with eIDAS 2.0 directive.

The project has entrusted UNISOT to provide the participating entities with a full SSI technology platform, including an end-user wallet (UNISOT ID), which will also have Verifiable Credential issuing features and credential verification tools for relying parties. This is an uncommon model in the SSI space which foresees the wallet software being used only as a holding agent and for purposes of providing access to one’s data. The UNISOT wallet will integrate the full life cycle of a Verifiable Credential, from issuance and storage to verification as this is in line with the use case to enable document cross-signing between multiple parties.

Through collaboration amongst all entities, UNISOT aims to integrate its product suite with EBSI and become a fully compatible SSI solutions provider in the Scandinavian region. Through this pilot UNISOT aims to achieve compliance with EBSI guidelines and provide the market with a compliant wallet solution which passes EBSI conformance testing.