UNISOT ID is an Enterprise Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) system enabling individuals and organizations to have sole ownership of their Digital Identities, as well as full control over how their personal data is shared and used. Offering an alternative to current data silos by democratizing control over data. With SSI, every individual or organization can decide where data is  stored – full data portability – or with whom data is being shared and for what purpose.

UNISOT ID is providing identities and identity-services to the UNISOT ecosystem as well to the wider industry by being an European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (ESSIF) compatible service provider. ESSIF is a standard for digital infrastructure supporting the operation of cross-border public services to enable strong legal recognition.

UNISOT ID provides a secure, robust and flexible implementation of the DID and Verifiable Claims specifications published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF). The UNISOT DID method uses the Bitcoin SV Blockchain to generate DIDs and store the associated DID documents on-chain as well as off-chain, depending on the business use-case scenario.

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UNISOT ID enables individuals and organizations to have sole ownership of their Digital Identities, as well as full control over how their personal data is shared and used. This adds a layer of security and flexibility allowing the identity holder to only reveal the necessary data for any given transaction or interaction. The UNISOT DID is compliant with eIDAS and the W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) specification and our UNISOT DID method: did:unisot: is accepted by W3C.




Users can create their own digital Decentralized Identity (DID) independently of central authorities. Users can enrich their DID with claims which are secure and re-usable digital equivalents to current, paper-based credentials such as passports, driving licenses, ID’s etc.


Users can upload and securely store important documents such as official documents, certifications, accomplishments, contracts. All documents are encrypted and stored in a decentralized storage system reducing the risk of unauthorized access/manipulation.


Individuals and organizations can digitally sign uploaded documents as well as requesting others, individuals or authorities, to countersign their documents with electronic signatures. UNISOT ID is compliant with “electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services” (eIDAS) and W3C.


Users have full control of their personal data and identities; they control what and with whom they share their documents and personal information. Information can be shared for a certain time span. UNISOT ID enables privacy-respecting monetization of personal data.



A Secure Document Collaboration solution that enables users to upload, digitally sign, timestamp, countersign, encrypt to securely store digital information in the form of json/xml, in a Document Container that is secured in the Public Blockchain.

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